I did­n’t know this, but ap­par­ently, each mi­nor Vue re­lease on GitHub has a name de­rived from manga and anime, most of which are within the sci­ence fic­tion genre.”

To be hon­est, I did­n’t know they named Vue ver­sions (let alone about the anime and manga ref­er­ences), ex­cept for Vue 3 - named One Piece. The name was thrown around here and there a cou­ple of times dur­ing last year’s VueJS Global Conference when Vue 3 was an­nounced, and @cassidoo even went as far as to make jokes about it. I was puz­zled over the nam­ing then, like One Piece” - what does it mean, is it about some new Vue fea­ture? My dumb brain did­n’t even try to as­so­ci­ate it with the manga One Piece, the manga that usu­ally shows up on r/​pop­u­lar every week.

Now the rea­son why I’m blog­ging about this, af­ter nearly 4 months of noth­ing, is be­cause it’s a re­ally in­ter­est­ing fact. As some­one who prefers/​likes/​uses Vue for pretty much every front-end pro­ject pos­si­ble, I think it’s a nice lit­tle Easter egg.

This post was made pos­si­ble by @smashjarchive who ques­tioned my ex­is­tence as a VueJS de­vel­oper if I did­n’t know about Vue’s anime nam­ing con­ven­tion. Big up @smashjarchive!