For those who don’t know, cre­at­ing 3D art us­ing Blender or MagicaVoxel is a small hobby of mine. I’m not re­ally good at it, but I am in­deed get­ting bet­ter. I of­ten post my work on Instagram, and the proud ones make it to my Tumblr blog.

And I just made my first VFX video.

And in do­ing so I re­vealed 1/10 of my room hehe.

Visual ef­fects, more com­monly known as VFX, is the in­te­gra­tion of live ac­tion footage and other live ac­tion footage or CG el­e­ments (basically other 3D ob­jects) to cre­ate re­al­is­tic im­agery.

In this case, the orig­i­nal video is this footage that I shot us­ing an iPhone at 30 frames per sec­onds.

Editor’s note: you might wanna mute the sound of this video.

So I fol­lowed this tu­to­r­ial:

Basically Blender tracks the dots on the pa­per which al­lows it to record the mo­tion and cal­cu­late a 3D per­spec­tive from a 2D video, and then you should be able to add 3D el­e­ments of your choice which Blender will au­to­mat­i­cally move based on the cam­er­a’s mo­tion and how the points move. The CG el­e­ments alone are then ren­dered for each frame and then com­pos­ited back into the orig­i­nal video.

This took me al­most an en­tire day, my lap­top was re­ally warm and the fan was re­ally re­ally loud. Bless my GPU, I haven’t given it a break.

This is the end re­sult.

And here’s a VFX break­down”.

Peace out! ✌️