For those who don't know, creating 3D art using Blender or MagicaVoxel is a small hobby of mine. I'm not really good at it, but I am indeed getting better. I often post my work on Instagram, and the proud ones make it to my Tumblr blog.

And I just made my first VFX video.

And in doing so I revealed 1/10 of my room hehe.

Visual effects, more commonly known as VFX, is the integration of live action footage and other live action footage or CG elements (basically other 3D objects) to create realistic imagery.

In this case, the original video is this footage that I shot using an iPhone at 30 frames per seconds.

Editor's note: you might wanna mute the sound of this video.

So I followed this tutorial:

Basically Blender tracks the dots on the paper which allows it to record the motion and calculate a 3D perspective from a 2D video, and then you should be able to add 3D elements of your choice which Blender will automatically move based on the camera's motion and how the points move. The CG elements alone are then rendered for each frame and then composited back into the original video.

This took me almost an entire day, my laptop was really warm and the fan was really really loud. Bless my GPU, I haven't given it a break.

This is the end result.

And here's a "VFX breakdown".

Peace out! ✌️