Yes, I rickrolled Jenn Schiffer. Twice.

Before I get on with that, I just wanna say that I'm extremely grateful for the support I've received for Jsoning. This "useless" npm package I created a while ago, for storing data in a JSON file safely, recently hit 18k monthly downloads and 29k total downloads! STAGGERING NUMBERS!

I kinda owe it to my good friend SudhanPlayz, who used it in his popular music Discord bot. I had a lot of fun with this new achievement of mine, including a post in the GitHub Discussions of the said music Discord bot's repository.

Pure satisfaction is when you can start a post in a forum by saying that you're the author of a package, and no one slaughters you for saying that.

Although there's not much of a difference on the number of stars the repo has, there has been quite a few new pull requests and indirect contributions through Discord. So once again, thanks for all the help and support.

Other than merging PRs and publishing changes to npm, I haven't actually done anything serious except for a minor Glitch app that converts screenshots into MacOS-like mockups, based on this cool tool. I did get a new idea for a project though, one that is a little bit unusual from what I do and something that is useful even for non-developers. And I'm pretty sure it's Product Hunt-worthy. I've been researching (read: watching YouTube) on what stuff I should use, and after watching a few Fireship videos, I decided to build this ~~wonderful idea~~ using Vue (as usual, no Nuxt), SASS, and remotestorage.js, a cool concept that my good friend aboutDavid introduced me to. I've never used SASS in a project before, and I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. After watching a series of Fireship videos, I got a good understanding of what module bundlers are and how they work and that Webpack is slow, and now goodbye Webpack.


Rickrolling Jenn was really fun, first was via a video through Discord that caught even me off-guard. The second time was on her stream (CAUGHT IN 4K) when I sent a YouTube video URL to an alternate rickroll video and she fell for it.